I've had a love of superheroes since I was a young child. Whilst watching a couple of Marvel films one day though, I got to wondering - what if these characters never needed to be superheroes? What if they lived in a world where there were no super-villains? If their abilities and powers were never needed? How would they spend their time? What jobs would they do if they were just 'ordinary' people?
I've tried to answer the question with these business cards. They come from a world where superheroes have the normal-person jobs they have in the comics, or where they have transferable skills.
Natasha Romanova, (Black Widow) now solves problems...no questions asked.
Bruce Banner (The Hulk) is proof that everyone has a darker side...and likes to smash.
Peter Parker (Spider-man) does whatever a freelance photographer can. I like the idea of him using his science background to get the spiderweb printed in some light-sensitive ink.
Thor Odinson. Great with a hammer...and a short back and sides.
Tony Stark (Ironman). He'd still be a billionaire, playboy philanthropist...and a bit of a dick.
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