December 2019 pitch for the provision of Branding and Digital services for S4C's 'Iaith2020' campaign. The campaign's aim was to reinforce S4C's core value in celebrating the Welsh language and to increase viewers through the creation of a national conversation about identity, culture and the role of the Welsh language today. S4C is the only Welsh television channel in the world, and one of the UK's five public service television broadcasters.
We set out with the idea that S4C champions the fact that no-one tells stories quite like the Welsh, be they legendary and historic or everyday and current – and all thanks to our rich and emotive language. 
This began with us looking at a range of modern graphic styles and recent,
successful communication-focussed campaigns.
Some of the initial ideas - these were abandoned as I wasn't happy that they were unique enough, and ran too contrary to S4Cs existing branding. A revisit of the existing branding resulted in the eventual chosen design below.
I also carried out work to show how the updated logo design could work across S4C's different platforms
- in this case, teen (Hansh,) child (Cyw,) and online (Clic,) audiences.
Further work was undertaken to show how the logo could work as a framing device
for graphics, illustration, photography and video.
The branding work was then expanded to show how it could work alongside/influence potential social content.
Whilst another agency was ultimately chosen to complete the project, I'm incredibly happy with how I answered the brief and feel it could have worked as an excellent 'jumping off' point for a wide-ranging campaign.
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