In April 2020, as another creative outlet during Covid-19 lockdown, I began responding to the daily One Minute Briefs briefs through Twitter. In a matter of weeks I had several wins and shortlists under my belt, and was a member of the One Minute Briefs board!
Below is a selection of my entries from throughout 2020, on topics as varied as slippers, cyberbullying, Black Lives Matter and space holidays! All the ideas were developed in less than a minute, (in the spirit of the rules!) and all design and copy work took less than 15 minutes per brief.
Promoting #StopCyberBullyingDay for The Cybersmile Foundation
Promoting holidays in space with Virgin Galactic
Advertise Mahabis slippers around the hashtag #WelcomeHome
Promoting the fact that the NHS remains open for urgent and serious care during the Covid-19 crisis.
Advertising slow-cookers.
Promoting inclusivity and equality within One Minute Briefs during the Black Lives Matter protests.
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