Having worked with the largest, leading UK farmer's union for several years, the core of this campaign revolved around the concept that farmers are far more than just that - they take on many 'hats', from doing their own accounts, to campaigning for positive change and legislation, to transport and negotiation. The NFU is incredibly well-placed to support these many facets of farming life, with a range of support, advice, expertise and discounts available to its members.
Due to time constraints we utilised the client's own bank of member photography to act as the base of the campaign, working with the organisation to get real quotes and insight from a selection of members working across the gamut of the industry. Each of these people could legitimately promote and describe a key benefit received during membership of the organisation.
Press Ad
Social Media graphic examples
Example roller banner used at NFU exhibitions and events
The campaign has, so far, produced some excellent results, working in partnership with digital and media teams to get the creative in front of the campaign's key audiences. The 'look and feel' of the campaign is now being rolled out more widely across the organisation as a result. 

A case study about this project was picked up as a Top 10 Project by CreativeBrief, here.
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