In 2014 I worked with Sacha Pierre, a fledgling homewares company based in Cardiff, South Wales. The company required a logo, stationery, a small website and some potential packaging, a challenging brief as a.) budget was limited and b.) there was a time pressure, (an upcoming international trade show in Paris.) ​​​​​​​
I began by establishing branding styles within the textiles and homewares sector. The client wanted a 'French feel' to the branding, but with a sense of modernity, standing it apart from the company's competitors without being too 'off the wall'. I completed a quick series of mood boards to check I was on the right track with my initial ideas.
A small section from one of the mood boards created prior to the logo design.
Once I'd confirmed with the client I was on the right track, I set about developing a few dozen logo concepts, based around the visuals I'd compliled in the mood boards.
After reviewing some of the logo ideas with the client and receiving some feedback, I was able to develop the designs further until we reached a logo the client was very happy with. The logo uses a clean, sans-serif typeface to give a sense of modernity, (which my research found unusual for a textiles/homewares brand, many of which have been established for 60+ years,) whilst drawing subtly on some elements of vintage French logos and signs.
The chosen logo.
The logo then needed to be applied to some wider collateral, including business cards, a letterhead, a simple website and some graphics for social media. I based most of these around the textile patterns the company had developed to date, which were visually very striking. The intention was that potential customers would immediately get a look at the company's product on first meeting a representative, even without the availability of a look-book or samples. The pattern shown below was just one of four designs used.

The business cards were printed on matte, slightly textured 600gsm Quadplex cards, helping to give a more luxurious, high-end feel to them.
Once the project was completed to the client's approval, I designed some elements that they may want to develop in the future, including some ideas for product packaging. (See below.)​​​​​​​
The project was completed on time, under budget and to the client's satisfaction in less than four weeks.
A packaging design concept I produced for the company at the end of the project for potential future use.
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