Working with the wonderful Loud Llama PR, we were tasked with creating the look-and-feel, as well as a large suite of marketing materials for INDYCLTR, a new clothing e-commerce platform. Set up in Newport, South Wales, INDYCLTR aims to support independent designers by allowing them to use the platform to sell their clothing designs with no upfront costs or need for inventory. 
The client wanted something that cut through the current fashion-content trends on social media, something which gave a nod to their love of the retro, pro-wrestling and cyberpunk. The design work needed to push strong messages which positioned INDYCLTR as standing against fast-fashion and disposable design.
Some initial design ideas from 4 initial concepts
Early social media content used to promote the wider INDYCLTR brand and services
Launch graphics, directing customers to the brand's homepage and brand ethos pages.
T-shirt designs created for the brand to showcase on the platform and make available for purchase.
Teaser images created to promote INDYCLTR designs and products.
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