Working with the wonderful Loud Llama PR, I recently had the pleasure of designing a case-study brochure for Cintec, a globally-recognised, innovative engineering firm based near Newport, South Wales. They've worked on reinforcement and remediation projects as diverse and impressive as Windsor Castle, the White House and several ancient structures in Egypt. This first brochure covers the company's work on the Djoser Pyramid in Egypt, one of the country's oldest.
I wanted to give the brochures a style that matched the cutting-edge, exciting, engineering-focussed nature of the company, without alienating any of their potential clients - engineers, councils, construction companies etc. I put a focus on a few key elements - bright photography, a few key, energetic colours and some graphic elements that helped to add some movement and energy. I also kept the font bold and simple, as the main intention was to convey information simply and succinctly. 
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