Working with Cocoa Therapy, a hand-crafted luxury chocolatier based in South Wales, I designed and produced a series of product labels and packaging to go with the business' range of seasonal Halloween chocolates. 
The brief was to produce a design inspired by vintage apothecary/pharmacy labelling, with a look grounded in the vintage but with a modern feel. 

Elements of my initial project moodboard.

Talking the project through with the client identified a desire to use a central skull motif, and some of the more decorative elements from the examples in the moodboard, whilst not making anything too ornate or over-complicating things. We also worked around the idea of 'Death by Chocolate' tying everything together.
I set out to replicate elements from the chocolates in the packaging, with the skull motif on the packaging being present on the chocolate bottles, and the 'poison drop' chocolates being replicated in the decorative pattern on all of the assets throughout.
In just two weeks I had produced the designs you see in the final, 'live' product photographs - a swing label for a chocolate potion/poison bottle, a box sleeve and a jar label. I also produced the Cricut templates for the skull on the chocolate bottles as part of this project. Prototypes were printed 'in house' on recycled brown paper in advance of the product shoot, to enhance the vintage feel. 
This was a hugely fun project to work on, with a great end result achieved in a very short turnaround.
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